Working with different technologies, Echelon Italia provides attendance control solutions for any kind of congress and meeting. Our tools and technologies are customizable according to which datas and information that our customers would like to collect.

Computerized/digital secretary office

Survey gates for UHF 868 MHz tag

Barcode readers


  • Computerized/digital secretary office: : our system takes note of time and date of each participant’s registration and badge-printing.
  • Survey gates for UHF 868 MHz tag: Our gate allows the hand-free survey of all participant and calculate the time spent by each of them in the monitored area.
    If compared with the traditional passive tags, the last generation of UHF 868 MHz tag can be read faster and from a longer distance. The gate is 2,5 m wide and 2,5 m tall and is built according to safety rules. Surveying is automatic and participants can access the monitored area by wearing the badge and walking near the readers, with no need to stop by them. As the attendee goes through the gate, the system automatically registers the direction (entrance or exit) of the passage. The PVC tags are credit-card sizes and can be printed in four-color.
  • Barcode readers: By reading the barcode printed on each badge, it is possible to easily take note of all participants’ entrances into the monitored area and of every exit out of it.