EcBadge is a registration system whose precision and quickness are ensured by the QR code optical reading.
Before the event’s starting date, our software sends to all participants a digital invitation with a QR code that each attendee will show at the on-site organizational secretary. Each work station of the registration desk, is provided with a QR code reader that works both on displays and paper. This system ensures efficiency and rapidity.
All details and information will be displayed to and checked by the participant.
Badge printing takes less than a second, so it is not necessary to print all badges in advance and slow the registration procedures by searching for the name of the participants that wants to register. This way, instead of arranging the registration desk in alphabetical order, it is possible to have all the pc stations running at the same time and able to serve every participant.

Compared to paper badges, PVC badges offer the following benefits:

  • no plastic badge-holder is needed, as the PVC badge can be pierced and clasped to a clips or to a snap-hook
  • PVC badges are water-proof, resistant and durable

Badges can be customized with:

Bar Code-QR Code




  • Barcode or QR code:  containing all the participant’s details, codes are useful in order to control the attendance in the whole congress area or at a stand in particular, to monitor catering areas and work with the kiosks.
  • Hologram: hard to counterfeit, it can work as anti-forging tool.